Thursday, March 25, 2010

Janet's "Blogota"

Arrived in Bogota last night for the XII Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro as a member of a US delegation that has been sent here by the Theatre Communications Group. I am one of 30 American Artistic Directors attending the festival. Over the next several days I will be seeing plays from all over South America and learning, in particular, about the state of the art in theatre-making for young people. Since it was pitch dark when my plane came in, I had a cheerful surprise this morning when I awoke to a sunny day and view from the hotel dining room of two great craggy mountains to the East and a sprawling, if somewhat haphazard looking, city of 70`s-style skyscrapers and old houses with terra cotta roofs.

Two welcome discoveries so far: 1) you can actually open the hotel window to let in fresh air and 2) I treed some amazing fruit at breakfast that looks like an orange but behaves more like a pomegranate with a mess of gooey black seeds inside. I will have to learn what this is called. I am hoping to fit in some sightseeing between the children`s shows, street theatre events, South American versions of Waiting for Godotand The Odyssey, and the late-night cabarets. Apparently, there is a Gold Museum and funicular ride up one of the mountains that are not to be missed! Watch this space for more about what’s happening right now in Bogota.



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