Thursday, February 25, 2010

PETER playing to packed houses

Making up for lost time, Peter & the Wolf is playing to packed houses at field trip and weekend general public shows! Here are quotes from the four reviews that have come in so far:

“The performers are engagingly exuberant.”—The Washington Post

“The updated interpretation of the classic Peter & the Wolf at Imagination Stage is beautifully produced and energetically performed.”—

“For those who are willing to accept a major departure from the original, under David Leong’s strong direction, with its live action, foot-tapping musical numbers and talented cast, this adaptation of Peter and the Wolf is worth seeing.”—

“This play is such a wonderful success due to the adroit directing by David S. Leong who manages some superb chase scenes...which is always loved by the youngsters and gets audience guffaws. This is a highly successful production and highly recommended for family groups. It should be a huge success so get your tickets ASAP.”—

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PETER & THE WOLF: In temporary hibernation!

We are so excited about our current production of Peter & the Wolf! Problem is that with Rounds 1 and 2 of Snowblast, 2010 having caused unprecedented closures at Imagination Stage, the show has had only two performances so far, with 8 (and counting…) canceled. Classes have been canceled for 6 straight days, too.

We are taking it day-by-day, but hope that everything will be on a normal schedule by Saturday. We’ve added an 11:00 performance on Monday, February 15, which is President’s Day and will be looking for other opportunities to add performances to make up for the ones which have been canceled.

Meanwhile, rumors are that Bird and Duck have migrated south, that Peter and his Grandfather are sipping hot cocoa in the farmhouse and that the show’s stage manager is stranded in Baltimore.

Fingers crossed that we will all meet up soon at the theatre. Meanwhile, stay warm and safe.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

A Duck’s Eye View of PETER & THE WOLF Tech Week

Actress Gia Mora shares thoughts on tech week for Peter & The Wolf:

An actor’s definition of technical rehearsals:

When the safety of the well lit, costume-free rehearsal hall atmosphere disappears, and the process of bringing a show to life leaves the actor’s grasp and is hurled forward in giant leaps by the seasoned hands of the artistic and technical staff of the theatre.

No wonder so many of us find this time terrifying!

Luckily for me this process of letting the other elements of Peter blossom offered ample opportunity for me to endow my puppet, Duck, with a soul.

Patty, as I call her, started as a cardboard mockup--light weight, footless, and blind as a... well, duck with no eyes. Thanks to our incredible puppets/prop mistress Dre, this creature morphed into a much heavier styrofoam and papier mache version of herself. Dre added waddling little legs, wings to help Patty fly, and wiggling feathers for Patty’s shakes and shimmies. Day by day she grew into the amazing hen we see today--eyelashes and all!

Having never worked with large puppets like this (I did a bit of puppeteering in The Araboolies of Liberty Street at Imagination Stage a couple of years ago), I had no idea what a work out I was in for! My shoulders, my hands, my knees. I was sore from top to bottom. This became especially true when Patty’s lighted pond appeared downstage left, hovering between the lip of the thrust... and the three steps leading into the house. After this show I think I will have quadriceps of steel!

It is always a pleasure to come play at Imagination Stage because the production values here are so high. The artistic, technical, and administrative staff, helmed by stage manager Kristen, ensure that every show exceeds the standard expectations of theatre for young audiences, from lights to sound to costumes. I’m sure the kids and parents will enjoy the show as much as I do!

--Gia Mora

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