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2014-2015 Lerner Family Theatre Season

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Night Fairy

The Night Fairy

September 24-October 26, 2014
Based on the book by Laura Amy Schlitz; Adapted by John Glore; Directed by Jeremy Skidmore

Flory is a Night Fairy who is attacked by a bat. When her wings are damaged in the struggle, she is forced to learn how to survive in the daylight among the other birds and animals in a typical backyard. During her adventures, Flory makes new friends, and eventually reconciles with her foe. By the time her wings begin to sprout back, Flory has discovered a renewed sense of creativity, diplomacy, and resilience that she never knew she had. 
Best for Ages 4+.

Dalmations logo101 Dalmatians

November 19, 2014–January 11, 2015
Based on the book by Dodie Smith; Adapted by Martha King De Silva; Lyrics and music by Joan Cushing; Directed by Janet Stanford

When Mr. and Mrs. Dearly welcome a new litter of Dalmatians to their 1950s London home, Cruella de-Vil is quick to plot their kidnap. Loving puppy parents Pongo and Missis discover their location, and set out on a harrowing adventure through the countryside to rescue their puppies. With the help of several friendly dogs along the way, the family reunites on Christmas Day, and Cruella is defeated. But will the Dearlys take in all 101 dalmatians? 
Best for Ages 4+.

Wiley logoWiley and the Hairy Man

February 11–March 15, 2015
Written by Suzan Zeder; Music by Harry Pickens; Directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer

This traditional tall tale tells of Wiley who lives in fear of the Hairy Man who lurks in the swamp. When Wiley’s Momma attempts to prepare him to confront the wicked trickster, he pays little mind. As Wiley ventures into the swamp, he is forced to think on his feet in order to outwit his opponent. Will Wiley succeed in banishing the big bully from the territory?
Best for Ages 6+. TICKETS>>

Sinbad LogoSinbad: The Untold Tale

April 8–May 29, 2015
By Charles Way; Directed by Janet Stanford

Sinbad the Sailor has retired from his notorious adventures. He tries to keep his feisty daughter Ittifaq safe from the sorceress Jan Shah. But when a mysterious cloud descends upon Baghdad putting all of the adults to sleep, proud Ittifaq must enlist the help of Sinbad the Porter, a street orphan whom she despises. A quest full of humor, genies, sword fights, diamonds, magic boats, and flying carpets ensues! The two young explorers cross the chasm of their differences to become fast friends and fellow adventurers for life. 
Best for Ages 5+. TICKETS>>

 DoubleTrouble logoDouble Trouble

June 24–August 9, 2015
Based on Eric Kastner's novel Lottie & Lisa (AKA The Parent Trap); Adapted by David S. Craig; Music by Marc Schubring; Directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer

Lottie and Lisa are ten-year-old twins who are being raised separately by their divorced parents. When the girls meet unexpectedly at summer camp they discover their true relationship, and the high stakes, madcap adventure begins. Having switched places, the girls discover that their deception is hard to sustain. Will their parents be convinced that the sisters belong together?
Best for Ages 5+. TICKETS>>

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