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My First Imagination Stage is our Early Childhood program that focuses on children aged 1-5, providing fun and developmentally exciting experiences through classes and live performances. Play is serious fun for the very young.


You And Me (Ages 12-36 months) Be the flower while your child becomes the butterfly! These caregiver and child classes use props and materials to stimulate the senses and promote your child's development of social and motor skills.

My Friends And Me (Ages 3–5) Older children are ready to play on their own! Students play together, develop relationships, and enter the world of make believe. Through the use of music, movement and dramatic play, these classes ignite your child's imagination while flexing his or her problem-solving, language, and physical skills.

Single-Session Workshops for Ages 1-5

Saturday Song Circle
10:30-11:15 a.m.

You and your child are invited to a fun, interactive musical experience! An Early Childhood Teaching Artist explores a popular children’s book with your family through song and musical instruments, and you will receive a list of all the songs to practice at home. Activities in Saturday Song Circle are best for 1-3 year-olds but 4-5 year-old siblings and friends are also welcome to join in the fun.
Schedule Varies - $6 per person.
 Register Online or call the Box Office at 301-280-1660.
Watch a video preview!

Sunday Fun-Day
10:00-10:45 a.m.
We invite you and your child to bring your favorite stories to life through dramatic play activities, movement, music, and visual art. Each session you leave with a completed craft, as well as a Parent Pack to extend the experience at home. These popular workshops are themed around beloved children’s books. Activities in Sunday Fun-Day are most appropriate to 3-5 year-olds but 1-2 year-old siblings and friends are also welcome!
Schedule Varies - $10 per person.
Call the Box Office at 301-280-1660


The My First Imagination Stage theatre series offers intimate, interactive performances designed for the very young in our Reeve Theatre. Tickets are on sale online, or at our Box Office (301-280-1660).

My First Imagination Stage 2014-2015 Theatre Season

brother bear webWake Up, Brother Bear 
November 11-30, 2014
This audience-favorite show is back from hibernation! Watch as Brother and Sister Bear experience a full year of glorious seasons. Together we see a waterfall melt, meet a butterfly, chase an elusive fish, and skate on an icy pond. Children are invited to join the action with a small bag of props that help create magical moments  Ages 1-5 Watch a video preview! Download the Wake Up, Brother Bear Activity Guide!

inside out 300Inside Out December 6, 2014-February 1, 2015
It’s bedtime! But, instead of getting ready for bed, two children use their imaginations to turn their room into a wonderland of mess! While playing dress-up, a glove becomes a dancing fish, a shirt becomes a fantastical creature, and a sock dance rocks the closet! In this interactive show, discover the joy of turning things inside out. Performances include a “free play” session, allowing the audience to explore some items used in the show. Ages 1-5. Watch a video preview! Download the Inside Out Activity Guide!

Blue 150x150Blue March 11-April 12, 2015
Imagine a world where the only color is blue. Blue flowers, blue grass, even blue cereal! Inky and Pale live in such a world until they discover something RED! In this interactive show, two friends find fun in every color of the rainbow! Ages 1-5. Watch a video preview! Download the Blue Activity Guide!

aquariumAquarium June 27-August 9, 2015.
With gentle music, beautiful puppets, and props, Jack and Calypso lead children and caregivers to a magical, interactive world where giant jellyfish fly through the air, sheep graze in the grass, and lemons create the sun in a "let's pretend" sky. Ages 1-5.  Watch a video preview! Download the Aquarium Activity GuideTickets>>



4908 Auburn Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
Info: 301-961-6060
Box Office: 301-280-1660

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